A.C.T. Body Piercing, Tattoo & Permanent Makeup
  • A.C.T. Body Piercing, Tattoo & Permanent Makeup

    What are we all about?

    A.C.T. Body Piercing & Tattoos in Saugus, Massachusetts of New England's premier tattoo and piercing shop and also one of the hottest in Boston as we strive for customer satisfaction. The piercing and artwork done here is considered to be a form of art that is living. Our customers needs are of the utmost importance to our entire staff.

    Whether you want to celebrate the birth of a child, commemorate the death of a fallen comrade, or you just need a new tattoo because it's cool, our artists will be able to customize your vision. We as well do piercings of all kinds that will surly satisfy our customers as our talented artists specialize in making your imagination come to life.

    For those that need to satisfy that "tattoo itch" right away but are not sure what to get, we have a huge selection of ready made designs. What are you waiting for? Visit A.C.T. Body Piercing & Tattoos today!

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    In, A.C.T, we strive to ensure that we give you the quality work you're looking for when we do you tattoo(s). We do all custom work, free hand or you can just simply bring in a picture that you would like us to work off of you'll like to get done. We'll be sure that your tattoo experience is positive and relaxing.

    Permanent Makeup

    Permanent makeup is the art and science of implanting color into your skin. Specialized instruments allow your micropigmentation professional to place the right color into one layer of skin. When a procedure is completed, the color will appear darker than the final result. Together we’ll create an even more beautiful you.

    Body Piercings

    We provide the following piercings: Ear Lobe, Nose, Tongue, Belly (Top or Bottom), Snug, Tragus (or Anti-Tragus), Cartilage, Micro-Dermal, Lip/Monroe, Spider Bite, Snake Eyes, Ear Surface, Conch, Rook, Industrial, Eyebrow and Nipple. We also provide baby ear piercings with 14K gold only.

    Contact Lenses - F.D.A. Approved

    Bella - 14 Colors | American Venus - 5 Colors
    Venus - 6 Colors | Rainbow - 36 Colors
    Gothika - 76 Different Styles
    Eyecon - 12 Different Styles
    Wicked Eyez - 20 Different Styles
    Rave - 4 Colors (Glows under black light)

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    A.C.T. Body Piercing, Tattoo & Permanent Makeup
    Square One Mall
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    Saugus, MA 01906

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